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What is Wholeness?

Wholeness is a state of gratitude and abundance.  When you are fully alive, all parts of your life are balanced and integrated.  Your family life impacts your work life.  Your health impacts your capacity to contribute.  Your self image impacts your mental and emotional health.  You need to become whole.

Where are you on your journey?

The Wholeness Arena

Wholeness Wheel

Invest in Yourself

Be healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled in your relationship. Begin now and go to the next level with coaching from Andrew and Sarah.

Be the best version of yourself for your wife, husband, children and family. Make this a time for you – be clear and focused on goals that will make the biggest impact across all areas of your life, gain more energy and reach fitness levels that challenge you, step out of that comfort zone and break through those limiting beliefs. Be committed and take action for a life changing outcome.

Proven benefits of working with Andrew & Sarah

  • Skills & Strategies
    Learn key skills to design every part of your life so you can feel fulfilled.
  • Mind Management
    Manage stress and anxiety, identify roadblocks and discover the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Accountability
    Invest in yourself and be held accountable by coaches who are committed to help you transform your life.
  • Holistic approach to Health
    Focus on all four elements of your health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Set challenges, see the progress and achieve your desired goals.
  • Wealth for Contribution
    Wealth is a mindset that appreciates the abundance of resources: time, love and money. Use wealth for contribution and be present to those around you.
  • Thriving Relationships
    Become fully alive in your relationships. Whether you are single or married, be the best version of yourself.

Information + Application = Transformation

Achieve your life’s goals. Find your true self worth.  Be fulfilled in every arena of your life.

Andrew & Sarah will give you life long skills and strategies to help you take massive action to feel whole and to manage your mindset.

Armed with these skills, you will be amazed at your ability to empower yourself.  Find your passion, unleash your value and use the strategies you learn to design who you want to be.

Only you have the power to change your results but with Andrew and Sarah, and your commitment, you can transform your life.

Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable

because this is where true growth and transformation happens.

Andrew & Sarah

The Wholeness Coaches

Andrew and Sarah are The Wholeness Coaches and founders of Wholeness Coaching.

They believe it is time for men and women to be valued as the WHOLE person and not for what culture dictates is valuable.  Every person is SO much more than the success they have enjoyed, the popularity they have or the money they have earned.

Andrew and Sarah are passionate about helping individuals who have achieved success in one part of their life but still feel they are lacking in other areas.  Many people continue searching and don’t understand why they never feel fulfilled.  Wholeness comes from within – Andrew and Sarah’s mission is to work with those men and women who recognise they need some guidance but don’t know where to start.  Their proven coaching methods train people to use skills and strategies to integrate every part of their life… forever!

Andrew & Sarah

Why should you invest in us as coaches?

Because we help high-achieving men and women get transformational results!

Andrew & Sarah

Andrew is considered one of the most motivational and inspiring mentors and speakers. Drawing from his experiences, he transforms people’s lives with his passionate and driven character. He regularly competes in the world-renowned Ironman events and, as an ex-professional footballer in South Africa, he has also worked at a very high level in sport. He has a trustworthy track record in his training and motivational skills, being one of the top financial advisers in the UK for over 20 years. After having undertaken the certification process to fulfil his dream of helping others as a life coach, he is now channelling his energy in teaching men and women to achieve their own life’s dreams and goals.

After 25 years in education, Sarah trained as a coach because she believed that education reached far beyond the classroom. Having worked in the UK and Europe, in various industries, she uses her wisdom and knowledge to help men and women to invest in themselves and take control of their lives. She is very experienced in working in stressful environments so specialises in thought management to eliminate anxiety and overwhelm, set healthy boundaries and hold people accountable, including themselves.

Our Programmes

Andrew and Sarah work with high achievers by inspiring them and equipping them with the mindset and skill set training to live a life of joy and freedom… wholeness!

One on one session with Sarah
Couples Coaching
One on one session with Andrew

Real Transformations

  • Daniel Hodkinson

    “I had the privilege of one-to-one private coaching with Andrew and I cannot recommend him highly enough. When I first reached out to him, I was ambitious but lacked the drive to turn my aspirations into reality. I had developed some detrimental habits, felt unfocused, and knew deep down that I wanted to become the best version of myself, yet I wasn’t taking the necessary steps to achieve that.

    Under Andrew’s guidance, my life took a transformative turn. His expertise and support were instrumental in helping me find a job that I am passionate about, a career that truly aligns with my goals. But that’s just the beginning. I’ve also made remarkable improvements in my personal well-being. Through his guidance, I managed to reduce my body fat percentage to 12%, and never felt healthier. Moreover, I’ve become a kinder, more compassionate individual, positively impacting the people around me.

    What truly sets Andrew apart is his understanding that these changes are not just temporary fixes but lifelong habits. He helped me establish a solid foundation for personal growth and development that will serve me throughout my life. I can genuinely say that I’ve evolved into a person I’m genuinely proud of.

    If you’re looking to make significant and lasting changes in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew. His guidance, insight, and unwavering support have been invaluable to me, and I am confident he can help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself as well. Thank you, Andrew, for helping me transform my life.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Daniel Hodkinson, Executive Search Consultant

  • Daniella Stephens

    “This course could be described as a six-month self-examination, a time of formation/healing and a re-building of your foundation – for the sole purpose of transformation. It inspires hope, focus, drive, determination, enthusiasm, structure, discipline and a faithfulness to grow in virtue. Personally, I have learnt a tremendous amount and have been equipped with essential tools and skills that I can put into practice on a daily basis by the help of God’s grace and mercy. Thank you, Sarah, and Wholeness Coaching!”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Daniella Stephens, Manchester

  • Fr. David Marsden - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “If you’re looking for direction, inspiration and motivation in your life then this is the course for you.  It is a journey of discovering your deepest dreams and hopes and being guided through the necessary steps to make them a reality.  The programme is packed with the best of secular and spiritual wisdom, tried and tested methods, solid teaching and encouragement. You will undoubtedly achieve a sharper focus, a clearer vision, a more inspired view of the world, and a renewed and integrated sense of self.  Andrew’s life is an inspiration to us all in overcoming huge suffering and adversity and still living in hope. He is a born motivator. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to all men as a sure guide through the inevitable trials of life.”

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    Fr David Marsden SCJ, Clinical Psychologist

  • Gary Stephens - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “I have been taking part in Andrew’s Wholeness Group Coaching for Men. The course manages to do something quite incredible – it brings balance and moderation across all arenas of a person’s life. I have delivered many teachings about ‘the transformation and renewal of the mind’ (Romans 12:2) and Andrew, at Wholeness Coaching, has enabled this text to come alive in a whole new way. This journey has been truly inspirational and something that I wish to wholly endorse and encourage.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Gary Stephens, Chairman of the New Dawn in the Church Conference

  • Paul Hammond - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “Andrew has a passion for helping men become the “best version of themselves”; that is, helping them in a holistic way to become “whole” in mind, heart, spirit and body. He is well placed to offer “life coaching”, having experienced great success himself in his career, physical pursuits and family life and, in recent years, having undergone tragic suffering and subsequent healing. I undertook the “Men’s Mastermind” course online, over a 6-month period… led by Andrew. I recommend it for instilling the habit of frequently reviewing and recalibrating one’s whole arena of life, in order to best love and serve God and humanity. In particular, the emphasis upon the renewal of the mind, which impacts every area of our life, is a game-changer.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Paul Hammond, Company Director

  • Jacob Leigh - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “I am so glad I have committed to this course. At first, the idea of change and becoming the best version of myself somehow unsettled me but, with Andrew as a mentor and his wonderful team, I quickly realized this was an amazing opportunity. I am constantly growing in confidence and all arenas of my life. I can’t recommend this course enough.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Jacob Leigh, Manchester

  • Stephen Rooney - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “In my opinion, Andrew and his business are the embodiment of St Francis of Assisi’s model of transformation as he has also ‘gone outside of the walls’ and established best practice in his own life.  Thank you, Jesus, for Andrew’s heart.  Thank you for his journey and for the anointing that has been placed on his life and business.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Stephen Rooney, Senior Government Affairs Manager for FTSE100 company, London

  • “This is the best investment in my future I have made.  I have read books and watched TED talks but nothing comes close to committing to formal personal development work with such a great mentor. I have found this course to be profound and wide reaching in its effect on my focus, self awareness and motivation to be the best I can be in every area of life and work. 

    Excellently hosting in the tranquillity of his beautiful location with a high level of care and attention, Andrew’s encouraging and non judgemental style has created a safe space to discuss challenging questions about identity, values and authenticity with great results in personal growth.  For the first time, I am finding myself keen to get up in the morning, keen to sacrifice the comfort of lying in bed for some work investing in my mind, vision and health, along with the PT input from Tom Linnish which is building the foundations of a successful life of contribution to all around me.

    I can’t recommend Andrew and his Team highly enough.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Medical Professional, Birmingham

  • Xavier - Testimonial for Wholeness Coaching

    “Andrew and Sarah have been the perfect mentors and coaches to a literally life-transformational course. Through the Men’s Wholeness Mastermind, I am now so much more aware of my external environment, my own self-image, how I interact with everyone I meet, and how to control my anxieties, stress, and thoughts in everyday life. Whenever I have had any questions, I’ve been so impressed and grateful for the quick and thorough response from Andrew and Sarah to every question I ask. They can relate to where I am coming from (because they’ve been through it themselves), tailor the course to my own life and dreams, and impart as much wisdom through our sessions and fortnightly Masterminds as possible.

    If you want to take control of your life and transform yourself, I’d highly recommend investing in this course and live your dream life from the wise, knowledgeable, and passionate mentorship of Andrew and Sarah.”

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    with Andrew & Sarah to explore the next steps

    Xavier, Cyber Engineer, Armed Forces

Andrew & Sarah

Our Story

Meet Andrew & Sarah … 

Andrew experienced personal tragedy in his life with the death of his wife.  This left him alone and grieving with five children. 

He had had a highly successful career but this was at the cost of many other areas of his life.  He was stuck in survival mode but soon realised he needed to discover his true purpose and deepest mission.   

By tapping into his “why” and learning to dream again, his life has been completely transformed.  He is in the best shape of his life and is in a thriving relationship with Sarah.   

Sarah had lived abroad and gained high academic qualifications yet still recognised that some areas of her life were not fulfilled.  She had a successful career in education in both the UK and Europe but was searching for a new direction.  She was inspired and excited with Andrew’s hard work and commitment and recognised that she, too, was able to help others make a real difference in their lives. 

Now, Andrew and Sarah, together, show other men and women how to achieve new levels of success in every area of their lives, to be healthier than they have ever been and to have fulfilling, thriving relationships. 

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