Wholeness Coaching For Women

“…live your dream life from the wise, knowledgeable and passionate mentorship of Sarah.”

We can help you with…

Module 1

Crystalizing your Dreams

Module 2

Cultivating a Self-Image

Module 3

Managing Your Mind

Module 4

Intentional Connections

Module 5

Your Contribution

Module 6

Living the Art

Within these modules, you’ll be taught the following:

  • LESSON 1
    Why is it Important to Chase Our Dreams?
  • LESSON 2
    Moving From Dreams To Goals
  • LESSON 3
    What Women Deserve Part 1
  • LESSON 4
    What Women Deserve Part 2
  • LESSON 5
    Crystalizing Your Dreams
  • LESSON 6
    How our Self Worth Was Neurologically Wired
  • LESSON 7
    Wire a New Self Image
  • LESSON 8
    Becoming Aware of Our Own Roadblocks
  • LESSON 9
    Your Attitude Determines Your Reality
  • LESSON 10
    Design Your Future Self Part 1
  • LESSON 11
    Design Your Future Self Part 2
  • LESSON 12
    Mind Management
  • LESSON 13
    Managing Your Emotions, Stress, Anxiety
  • LESSON 14
    Holding Ourselves Accountable
  • LESSON 15
    Nutritition and Self-Care
  • LESSON 16
    Intentionally Designing our Roles as Women
  • LESSON 17
    Motherhood, Friendships and Intimacy
  • LESSON 18
    Men, Dating, Marriage
  • LESSON 19
    The Confident Woman
  • LESSON 20
    Creating an Impactful Environment
  • LESSON 21
    Redesigning Your Impact
  • LESSON 22
    Living the Art of Being a Woman

How to become a woman in today’s culture – focus on both your mindset and your skill set to become the woman you have always wanted to be.  Give yourself permission to dream again, manage your mind effectively to control stress and anxiety, create habits to accelerate your transformation.

Individual Coaching with Sarah

  • Weekly guided lessons with The Woman School Membership portal
  • Weekly skills sets and mindset training
  • 8-month access to The Woman School Membership portal
  • Downloadable access to all templates and worksheets
  • 12 online coaching sessions over 6 months
  • Individual coaching from £5,000

Group Coaching with Sarah

  • Access to The Woman School Membership portal for 8 months
  • Downloadable access to all templates/pdfs/worksheets for 8 months
  • Group meetings with coach every fortnight
  • Group coaching from £1,297

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